Creating a Fish Sanctuary in Jamaica


I found this interesting item at Propeller [thanks, Rod!] Propeller is a platform to support causes (“while earning points which are used to get rewards and entries to win amazing experiences”). Please watch the 6-minute video (in the link below) on the Oracabessa Foundation and why/how it is trying to create a fish sanctuary in St. Mary, Jamaica.

In an effort to restock some of the most overfished reefs in the world, a cooperative of fishermen has joined forces with the Oracabessa Foundation to create a fish sanctuary in St. Mary, Jamaica. As one sanctuary manager describes it: “The sanctuary is basically a no-fishing zone, the concept being that the fish are going to get so plentiful inside the sanctuary that they’re going to need space and spill over onto the adjacent reefs, where the fishermen are allowed to take them.” It appears to be working. Over the past two years, fish populations have increased significantly, bringing the added economic benefit of ecotourism to the area.

There are 14 marine protected areas around Jamaica and the Oracabessa Fish Sanctuary is considered one of the most successful. This is due to the grassroots approach that has the local community managing and operating the sanctuary, with partnership support coming from government and private sector.

To watch the video and to donate to the cause, see

Also see (Photo above is from this site, courtesy of the Oracabessa Foundation.)

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