St. Thomas Photographer’s Work Chosen for the MAC-Puerto Rico

Broken Dreams

David Knight, Jr. reports that five digital photographs by St. Thomas photographer Erik Miles have been incorporated into the permanent collection of El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo [Museum of Contemporary Art] in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The MAC is the first museum to permanently house his work. The series of photographs are already on view as part of a multi-artist exhibition entitled “Colonial Comfort” that opened at the MAC in June. The show runs until October 25, 2015. [See previous post Photography Exhibition: “Colonial Comfort” in Puerto Rico.] Knight explains that Miles’s photos capture “objects left behind by undocumented immigrants being smuggled into the Virgin Islands.” He writes:

Miles said he respects the courage of these often-denigrated immigrants and the difficulties of the journeys they undertake. He described the subjects of his photographs, the things they discard along the way, as representative of their struggles for new lives. “This sort of [migration] is almost like a metamorphosis. The clothing and objects left behind are like a skin being shed,” he said.

Miles began cataloging undocumented migration in the V.I. in the 1990’s, but most of the photographs exhibited in “Colonial Comfort” were taken in 2008. One Image shows the remains of a cigarette boat which wrecked on a set of rocks while carrying migrants, revealing how treacherous such human smuggling trips can be.

Another photo shows a gold pendant of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, lying on a rock surrounded by the sea. The diversity of immigrants and their stories is hinted at in other images; a Haitian bible printed in French, a notebook full of Chinese characters.

Miles said being approached to have his work become part of MAC’s permanent collection was a surprise and an honor. Although he had already amassed an impressive resume by the time he was 18, working for the BBC, National Geographic, and Jacques Cousteau, and has since won awards for his film-making, MAC is the first museum to permanently house his work.

Miles said the exhibition’s opening in San Juan was an incredible experience. Eight other artists from the V.I. and nine from Puerto Rico, joined Miles in the show, which was curated by Lisa Ladner. The exhibition was first on display at The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in Frederiksted in 2014.

“I went not knowing what to expect,” said Miles, who was born in Puerto Rico but grew up on St. Thomas. “There was so much support for the artists, it felt almost like a homecoming.”

“The show really seemed to strike a chord in Puerto Rico, too. I’ve had people emailing me, telling me how much they enjoyed the work. It’s a great feeling.” [. . .]

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