Saba Carnival 2015


The Saba Carnival 2015 is going strong as we speak, celebrating its 40 year anniversary! The carnival began on July 27 and will continue through August 7. Tonight at the carnival is Latin night—“Reventón Latino II”—featuring Junior Zaa from the Dominican Republic, Mr. Codigo and Alexjota, DJ Urena from St. Maarten, and DJ Daddy Slim from Saba. Here are excerpts of an article on events this past week from Saba News:

Opening night again saw a large turnout like the pre-Carnival shows over last weekend, which is an early indication of continued positive turnout for the remainder of the week. “This year’s slogan “40 Years Still Jamming Strong” says it all. No matter what organizational changes this island event has gone through the past 40 years, the goal has always been to bring our community, along with our visitors, together for days and nights of great music, socializing and fun,” Saba Festival Foundation President Standford Johnson said in his opening statement.

“Mother of Carnival” Carmen Simmons was honoured with a crystal award as a “Pioneer and Culture Icon.” Simmons started Carnival on Saba in 1975. “It is like a dream. I still remember the first year, and I am blessed to still be here at 40 years,” Simmons commented.

The week’s events continue tonight, Wednesday, with “Reggae Splash – Dancehall Invasion” featuring dancehall artiste Cecile from Jamaica and S.M.S Band from St. Maarten. The Miss Dutch Caribbean 2015 pageant will be showcased on Thursday night with contestants from each of the six Dutch Caribbean islands. [. . .]

Latin night “Reventon Latino II” will take place on Friday, featuring Junior Zaa from the Dominican Republic, Mr. Codigo y Alexjota and DJ Urena from St. Maarten and DJ Daddy Slim from Saba.

Jouvert Morning will be held Saturday, followed by day one of the grand parade. Small Axe Band from St. Kitts will be the night’s entertainment following the parade. Day two of the grand parade, which will also conclude the 2015 season, will take place on Sunday. The North Sound International Band will entertain revellers following the parade until the burning of King Momo.

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