Film: “Reinventing Cuba”


Many thanks to Michael Connors for sharing this article by Tambay A. Obenson (Shadow and Act) on the new documentary film Reinventing Cuba by Humberto Durán. The film will be aired on Sunday, August 9, 2015, at 7:00pm EST (nationally on Dish Network Channel 279, and on the ‘CCTV News’ channels in New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.) See full article and preview in the link below. Obenson writes about new collaborations in art—specifically in film:

In this case, a documentary that profiles a unique collection of people who are pushing local boundaries and, as the title states, “Reinventing Cuba.”

Per the press release, the one hour documentary goes beyond the stereotypes – beyond cigars and salsa, beyond mojitos and Malecón, beyond antique American cars and decaying architecture to reveal an extraordinary nation eager to embrace change.

Host Gerry Hadden takes viewers on a personal journey. He meets little league sluggers defying the odds and dreaming of the majors; doctors and medical researchers saving lives; hustlers finding ways around limited internet connections; artists and designers at the height of creativity; and black marketeers selling a vital entertainment and information device called “the package.”

Hadden portrays vibrant, hopeful, and resourceful characters facing enormous challenges in today’s Cuba. He reveals an often overlooked, burgeoning, middle class that is at the forefront of what will likely be Cuba’s future as it moves into a new era.

The documentary is directed by Humberto Duran, and filmed by Amando Guerra and Josep Alfero. [. . .]

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