Sangria and other Stories:  Tom Touchton, Maps of St. Augustine


St. Augustine, Florida, is observing its 450th birthday and there is a flurry of events to pay tribute to the United States’ oldest city. Funny that in all the announcements of activities the noun “Spain” is notably absent. Could it be that calling it the U.S.’s oldest Spanish city could sound misleading or somehow unpalatable? Here is one event that acknowledges Spain by referring to “sangria.” On August 26, Tom Touchton, map collector and founding chairman of the Tampa Bay History Center—where the event takes place—will take visitors on a tour of the exhibit “St. Augustine at 450: A Look at the Oldest European City in the U.S.” [My stress on European. I mean, really. No one seems to have a hard time referring to a “French city”; why should “Spanish city” be so difficult?] In any case, this should be a fascinating tour, especially for those who love maps (like the Repeating Islands team)!

Description: This exhibit includes more than 40 Spanish, French, British and American maps, charts and color lithographs of St. Augustine. Mr. Touchton will share stories ranging from the unusual to the nostalgic, about their acquisition and publication. (Program includes a glass of Columbia Restaurant sangria, garage parking and gallery presentation.)

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