“Ángel Azul” Now Available


Last fall, we were very excited about Marcelina (Marcy) Cravat’s Ángel Azul [see previous posts Marcelina Cravat’s “Ángel Azul” Plays at the Woodstock Film Festival and Film on Jason deCaires Taylor, “Ángel Azul,” to Screen at the Woodstock Film Festival]. The documentary centers on environmentalist artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s work in creating underwater sculpture parks designed to encourage coral reef growth and meant to restore the marine ecosystem in areas such as Grenada (Underwater Sculpture Park) and Cancún, Mexico’s MUSA—Museo Subaquático de Arte, which is the focus of the film.

Now, Ángel Azul is available to rent or purchase through Amazon Prime (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZDCT9OS/). This is the first time it is widely available so the Angel Azul team urges you to share with friends and family and to write a review!

SYNOPSIS (by David Becker):  Artist Jason deCaires Taylor is a passionate environmentalist who is concerned about what the world will look like for future generations. Marcy Cravat’s beautifully shot film transports us to an underwater world populated by Taylor’s hauntingly life-like statues that give birth to an artificial coral reef designed to restore the ecosystem.

Through stunning underwater cinematography, we see his magical creations in various stages of being transformed by coral, algae and other forms of life. We also experience the mentoring of local artisans in the Yucatan peninsula, where Taylor’s project is conceived, and the camaraderie that comes from his labor-intensive plaster casting of real people.

As is often the case, Taylor must play the political game as he seeks to install his sculptures in some of the Earth’s most beautiful – and endangered – underwater habitats. “Angel Azul,” like Taylor’s moving artistry, forces us to consider our choices and the impact of climate change already being felt around the world.

Jason deCaires Taylor: Born in 1974 to an English father and Guyanese mother, Taylor grew up in Europe and Asia, where he spent much of his early childhood exploring the coral reefs of Malaysia. Educated in the South East of England, Taylor graduated from the London Institute of Arts in 1998 with a BA Honours in Sculpture and went on to become a fully qualified diving instructor and underwater naturalist. With over 17 years diving experience under his belt, Taylor is also an award winning underwater photographer, famous for his dramatic images, which capture the metamorphosing effects of the ocean on his evolving sculptures.

In 2006, Taylor founded and created the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Situated off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies it is now listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic. His latest creation is MUSA (Museo Subaquático de Arte), a monumental museum with a collection of over 450 public sculptural works, submerged off the coast of Cancun, Mexico; described by Forbes as one of the world’s most unique travel destinations. Both these ambitious, permanent public works have a practical, functional aspect, facilitating positive interactions between people and fragile underwater habitats while at the same relieving pressure on natural resources.

For more information, see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3242930/ and http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZDCT9OS/

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