New Book: William J. Millman’s “Last Cruise to Paradise”

cruise41AAw0gai+L__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_The Caribbean features prominently in a new novel—Last Cruise to Paradise (Sunset Beach Press, 2015) by William J. Millman. The book follows private investigator Derek DiLaurain, who reluctantly agrees to work on a case while on vacation on a cruise to Bermuda.

Description: Derek DiLaurain, vertically-challenged Private Investigator extraordinaire, has decided to get away from the rat-race of D.C. and travel to Bermuda onboard the Fantasy Princess cruise ship with his six-foot Russian girlfriend, Olga. But before they can enjoy the turquoise water, the pinkish sand, and the local black rum, one of the world’s richest businessmen disappears from the Princess and Derek is called in by the cruise line’s security team to help find out what happened to him. Relatives don’t seem concerned. Surveillance video suggests that the businessman did not leave his luxurious suite after returning from a late-night breath of air up on-deck. There’s no way the man should be missing. Yet, when his body washes up on a coral reef just offshore, there’s no doubt that something has happened. The question for Derek is: what?

William J. Millman has worked as a freelance writer as well as a reporter/editor for two Las Vegas newspapers. He later moved to Los Angeles where he wrote and produced radio and TV. After nearly ten years in LA, he joined the U.S. Foreign Service as a diplomat, and has since served in eight countries in addition to traveling to dozens more.

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