Ayitattoo!—Haiti-inspired temporary tattoos


I was checking out manmanpemba.com today when I ran across an ad for Ayitattoo. We do not advertise, as our readers know, but this caught my eye because of the beautiful designs by Nathalie Jolivert—an architect and artist, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, now based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I think the Erzulie vévé (above) is amazing and the “Tèt chaje” design (below) is perfect for my mood these days… The great thing about these Haiti-inspired temporary tattoos, is that they are designed by emerging artists and graphic designers. The tattoos are for people of all ages. The first collection of 5 tattoos was designed by Jolivert. Here is Ayitattoo’s description and contact information.


Description: Ayitattoo is a perfect accessory for a party, for a gift, for the beach, for kids’ birthday celebrations, for a special event, or to bring some excitement and fun in your everyday life! Temporary tattoos are a lot of fun to wear, and for those of you who are not ready for real tattoos, then Ayitattoo is for you! They are easy to wear and they can last 2-4 days (it will depend where you put them). Ayitattoo temporary tattoos are designed in Haiti and made in the USA. They are safe and non-toxic.

You can order them online at www.ayitattoo.ht. They are also available in several retail locations in Haiti and the USA (see the current retailers here) – and if you are a business owner in Haiti or in in the USA and would like to distribute Ayitattoo, please email us at hello@ayitattoo.ht.

[Photos by Gabriel André.]

For info on the tattoos, see http://www.ayitattoo.ht/

You may follow Ayitattoo on IGFacebook or Twitter for updates and new collections!

For more information, see http://www.manmanpemba.com/

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