Jasmine V Rowe lets it all out in “Tell Me”


Howard Campbell (Jamaica Observer) writes that U.S.-based singer Jasmine V Rowe is not afraid to show her Jamaican heritage whenever she performs. He says that she “expresses her Jamaican as well as American roots” on “Tell Me,” her first song, which will be released in early August by Ve3 Inc.

Her sound is strongly influenced by artistes such as Beres Hammond and Judy Mowatt.

[. . .] “I’m very excited to get Tell Me out there for the people to hear. It really means everything to release the song in Jamaica, because Jamaica is a part of me as far as my heritage and the heavy reggae influence within the song,” she said.

The 24-year-old Rowe was born in Paterson, New Jersey to a Jamaican father and American mother. Tell Me is also the debut release of her father Robert’s Ve3 Inc label. [. . .]

While she counts American Rhythm and Blues and pop giants like Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson, among her favourite artistes, Rowe said she soaked up her Kingston-born father’s passion for dancehall and roots reggae.

“The Jamaican and reggae culture is very vital to me and the world. I honestly feel as if you cannot go anywhere and not see Jamaica in fashion and the dances that are created from generation to generation. So I’m deep into the culture because it’s everywhere. I love every bit of it.”

For full article, see http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Jasmine-V-Rowe-lets-it-all-out-in-Tell-Me_19204657

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