Rotterdam Unlimited Summer Carnival 2015


Robin Rotterdam Unlimited presents one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands, which focuses on the broad diversity of the city. The Summer Carnival takes place from July 21 to 25, during which the city of Rotterdam will be transformed in one big party, including dance, music, art, spoken word, costumed revelers, a big parade, and more dancing.

Description: More than 30 floats, 2,500 dancers, a parade over 5km length, the most beautiful costumes, the Battle of Drums, and of course lots of dancing! Summer Carnival turns the streets of Rotterdam into one massive street party and everyone is invited.

[. . .] The festival originated from Dunya Festival and Summer Carnival, both with a history of more than three decades. In 2013, these two festivals were combined and Rotterdam Unlimited was a fact. The festival attracts more than 900,000 visitors from all over Europe to the city of Rotterdam for a five-day experience in the field of arts and culture, live performances, major international artists, Summer Carnival and all that the city of Rotterdam has to offer.

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