Nicolás Maduro Asks UN to Mediate in the Guyana Border Dispute


The teleSUR blog recently reported that Nicolás Maduro has requested a Good Officer to mediate in the border dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over territory close to the Essequibo River [see previous post Venezuela and Guyana Border Dispute].

Maduro asked the U.N. chief to appoint a new Good Officer allowing to diplomatically address the Venezuela-Guyana territorial dispute.  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sent a letter Friday to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking the U.N. chief to appoint a new Good Officer to diplomatically address the Venezuela-Guyana territorial dispute.

“As it is public knowledge, the new Government of Guyana has ignored, the entry into force of the 1966 Geneva agreement, showing a stubborn and ambivalent attitude and has inflicted serious and grave offenses to my country and my people. That’s why I asked you to begin a process to appoint a new Good Officer,” the document delivered by Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, reads.

The position of Good Officer in the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana was born out of the 1966 Geneva agreement. Two others have served as Good Officers but the post has been vacant since April, 2014. In his letter, the South American leader added that he expects the person selected for the post to hold the same attributes as the previous ones, including: great ethical attributes, deep academic specialization, and the ability to understand both the culture and the historical moment in the region is undergoing in order to positively contribute to the negotiation process between the two countries.

In an interview with teleSUR, President Maduro called on Guyana’s president to resume talks over a piece of land west of the Essequibo River, which was looted from Venezuela by the British Empire for its rich natural resources. [. . .]

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address; see full article at

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