New Book: « Volcaniques: une anthologie du plaisir »


Volcaniques: une anthologie du plaisir, edited by Léonora Miano, was published in January 2015 by Mémoire d’Encrier. The book gathers the work of twelve black women writers, who evoke female pleasure and explore how to write the body, sensuality, and sexuality today. The contributors include Caribbean authors such as Gilda Gonfier (Guadeloupe), Fabienne Kanor (Martinique), and Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupe).

Description (by Léonora Miano): Volcanic: an anthology of pleasure is a rich ensemble. The stories unveil female figures and diverse environments. The ages of women are also different, which is fortunate. Some texts will unsettle through their poetic and / or erotic power. Others seduce by their tone, phrasing, humor or an analytical capacity that has not overpowered the narration. Many women will recognize themselves in these pages, where ever they may be. As for men, they may find the key to the great mystery that female pleasure seems to be, for some.”

Contributors: Hemley Boum, Nafissatou Dia, Diouf, Marie Dô, Nathalie Etoke, Gilda Gonfier, Axelle, Jah Njiké, Fabienne Kanor, Gaël Octavia, Gisèle Pineau, Silex, Elizabeth Tchoungui, and Léonora Miano.

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