Without Ruling Nr. 168-13 this would not be happening


As a follow-up to some of our recent posts on the Dominican Republic’s ruling and deportation practices [see UN agency urges Dominican Republic to refrain deporting stateless people, The Dominican Republic’s mass Haitian deportation reflects its racist history, Amnesty International slams Dominican Republic on ‘mass deportations’, and Haitian Migrants Face Mass Deportations from Dominican Republic] here is a post by Peter Jordens: a very interesting opinion piece by Marien Aristy Capitán on denationalization in the country, “Sin la sentencia 168-13 esto no estaría pasando” (published in Spanish in Hoy Digital on 25 June 2015).

In an opinion item in the Dominican daily Hoy, Marien Aristy Capitán comments upon the expulsion of denationalized Dominicans from the Dominican Republic.

Outraged, all of us are asking today for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s head on a platter and unite in defense of the nation. It bothers us, as it should, that someone dares to suggest a boycott against Dominican tourism only because we have decided that the time has come to normalize migration. No one can criticize us for requiring that foreigners who live in the Dominican Republic do so legally, or for repatriating those who have not sorted out their documents.

That, however, is not exactly the problem. What we are vehemently criticized for is that as the deadline of the Normalization Plan has expired, we may also deport Dominicans stripped of their nationality by [Constitutional Court] Ruling No. 168-13.

“The recent actions in the Dominican Republic against Dominicans of Haitian descent are deplorable. We pray for equality and justice,” tweeted De Blasio on June 21. Like De Blasio, Human Rights Watch has spoken out against the expulsion of children of Haitians who were born in the Dominican Republic. The fact is that many, despite the naturalization process, do not yet have their documents.

Although the Dominican Republic has every right to determine whom it wishes to keep inside its territory, it should use caution when it comes to people born in the country: it is not fair to throw out people who have lived their entire lives in our land. What we are being asked is precisely that: to not treat the denationalized like illegal immigrants. Their statuses are not comparable. We should separate the two.

[Photo above from the CEFASA blog; see http://cefasa.com/2013/09/sobre-la-sentencia-16813-emitida-por-el-tribunal-constitucional/]

For the original opinion piece (in Spanish), go to http://hoy.com.do/sin-la-sentencia-168-13-esto-no-estaria-pasando

Here are previous posts by Aristy Capitán: To be Dominican is to be the product of a thousand migrations (Oct. 6, 2013) and Dominican Republic: one year after ruling Nr. 168-13 ( Part II) (Sep. 29, 2014).

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