Institute of Puerto Rican Culture Celebrates its 60th Anniversary and Our African Heritage


On Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, ICP) celebrates its 60th anniversary with a public celebration. In recognition of the International Decade for People of African Descent, it will focus on the representations of African heritage in Puerto Rican culture. Events will be held from 10:00am to 10:00pm at Cuartel de Ballajá [Ballaja Barracks] and the ICP headquarters in Old San Juan (Puerto Rico). The National Literature Awards granted by the ICP will be announced as part of this celebration at 7:00pm on Sunday at the ICP Shop at the National Gallery.

The ICP will offer a varied program consisting of lectures, workshops, craft fairs and art on paper, musical performances, activities for children, as well as a tribute to cultural agents and institutions that are part of the history of the ICP. Jorge Irizarry Vizcarrondo, interim executive director of the ICP, says:

“With this public festival we commemorate 60 years of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture—six decades of diverse cultural activities that have supported and defended the country’s artistic and cultural expression. Our emphasis on supporting or facilitating cultural projects in different towns and positive reception to opportunities for collaboration between the ICP, cultural centers, municipalities, artisans and artists, agencies and communities, will be celebrated this June to honor six decades of cultural work. With a modest budget, we have created this free celebration for all ages in which we will have a gathering of cultural centers attached to the ICP, with the support of all the artists and all others who have joined this event. A very important aspect is that we are also dedicating this activity to our African heritage in recognition of the International Decade for People of African Descent declared by the United Nations.


Main stage: Choco Orta and Banda de Conciertos, Enrique Febres y Batamú, Viento de Agua, Taller Palenque, Jerry Ferrao and Majestad Negra.

Meeting of Cultural Centers associated with the ICP at the Cuartel de Ballajá

FAIRS: Fair of Craft Masters Excellence Award (Feria de Maestros Premio Excelencia Artesanal) and Art-on-Paper Fair (Feria de Arte sobre papel)


  • Tere Marichal
  • Circo Nacional de Puerto Rico
  • The ICP and its history by El Mundo de los Muñecos
  • “La trapecista” and “Ni pies ni cabeza” by ACirc
  • Dance-performance by Viveca Vázquez and Tito Matos,
  • Installation “Logo Viviente del ICP” by Josean Ortíz 
  • Bomba Dance Workshop by Marién Torres and Tambuyé
  • Babayaga Bandazo por Deborah Hunt and Maskhunt Motions
  • Folkloric Dance: Baile Folclórico Brumas del Torito by Grupo Típico Maite
  • Archaeological excavations
  • Historical films
  • Comic book exhibition and sale
  • Historical re-enactments by Regimiento Fijo and Estampa de la vida de Juan Ponce de León y su familia by the Association of Dance Professionals
  • Ponce Children’s Choir and Court Choir (Coro de Tribunales)
  • Reading of children’s books at the ICP Bookstore


-Lecture on the rescue and conservation of emblematic buildings of the ICP by Architect Jorge Ortiz Colom

-Lecture on Drake’s Battle against Puerto Rico (Batalla de Drake contra Puerto Rico) by aquatic architect Juan Vera

-Lecture/interactive workshop: Orígenes de la bomba en Puerto Rico by Restauración Cultural

-Lecture: Las músicas afropuertorriqueñas y la memoria histórica como subjetividad social en Puerto Rico en el Siglo XX by Dr. Noel Allende Goitía

-Lecture: Dos tradiciones de bomba puertorriqueña: Loíza-Santurce y Ponce-Guayama by Dr. J. Emanuel Dufrasne González

-Lecture on Dr. Ricardo Alegría by Dr. Jaime Rodríguez Cancel

-Lecture: La cultura puertorriqueña: viejos retos y nuevas oportunidades by archeologist Miguel Rodríguez López

-Lecture: Los Bateyes de Caguana by archeologist Juan Rivera Fontán

-Lecture: Los morenos de Cangrejo en el ataque británico a Puerto Rico en 1797 by historian Eric J López

-Lecture: Afrodescendencia en la literatura puertorriqueña by la Dra. Zaira Rivera Casellas

-Lecture: Miel para Ochún: la imaginación mitológica de Palés by la Dra. Mercedes López Baralt

-Interactive lecture on Afro-Caribbean Religions by Angie Gutiérrez 

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