Danzón Habana Festival Starts in Cuba


The 9th International Festival Danzón Habana begins today with the participation of singers, bands and dance companies from nine countries.

The festival is dedicated to Mexico, and the participants come from Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Cuba and, for the first time, the USA.

This edition is devoted to the topic of “The bolero in danzón”, to pay tribute to composers and interpreters that contributed to placing these genres in the international musical map.

The president of the event, José Loyola, announced that during the festival Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera will be acknowledged for his support and presence in Cuban musical events.

The 2nd International Contest of Young Singers “Boleros de Oro”(Golden Boleros) at the Mella Theater will form part of the festival this year, in order to search for new talent in the performance of the genre.

Among the ones to perform during the opening night will be the Charanga Junior Band from Colombia.

During the festival, also taking place in Mayabeque, danzón gatherings and workshops on traditional dances will take place.

The danzón, which appeared in 1879 in the Cuban province of Matanzas, was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cuba in 2013.

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