International Yoga Day Festivities in Trinidad and Tobago


Over 300 men, women, boys and girls joined with the International Day of Yoga Committee T&T at the Boardwalk in Chaguaramas on Sunday morning to observe the first International Day of Yoga. As history was made around the world for its commemoration, the Committee is proud to claim that it was the largest gathering of yoga practitioners and observers in the history of T&T at the Boardwalk performing surya namaskar and pranayama.

The collaboration of like-minded people was also recognized as three (3) pioneers of yoga in T&T, yogachariya Alakshya Chaitanya (Alex Benjamin), Ramsaran Sookdeo and Maniff Deen, were honoured at the NCIC Nagar during Yoga Fest 2015 in Chaguanas on Saturday.

These interventions were possible with the support of private sponsors, organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of adopting yoga as a medium for healthy lifestyles and greater spirituality.

Both days of activities afforded all involved to positively project T&T on the international stage.

Although the committee used the opportunity to initiate a network of individuals and organisations; its continuity will be to promote the overall well-being and healthy lifestyle of all citizens by encouraging their involvement in the practice of yoga. A Facebook page, International Day of Yoga Committee – Trinidad and Tobago, was established to engage conversation and share information of interest.

Chairman Deoroop Teemal, has called on all interested individuals, groups and organizations, whether formal or informal, to continue networking with the committee so that we can continue to work together in this regard. He hoped that the sharing of ideas and cooperation can lead to various cross-cutting interventions and activities throughout the year in different parts of Trinidad and Tobago.


The committee extends its sincere thanks to all of Trinidad and Tobago, including the media, for supporting, participating and promoting Yoga Fest 2015 and Yoga on the Boardwalk. Photographs of both inaugural celebration activities can we viewed on

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