Launch Tonight! New Book on Pedro Albizu Campos, “Nervio y pulso del mundo”

albizu344_BO1,204,203,200_My favorite bookstore—Tertulia (Viejo San Juan)—is launching a new book by Mario O. Ayala, Ivette Chiclana, and Raúl Guadalupe, Nervio y pulso del mundo: Nuevos ensayos sobre Pedro Albizu Campos y el nacionalismo revolucionario (Junta Pedro Albizu Campos, Inc. / Talla de Sombra Editores, 2014).

The book launch, presented by Professor José A. Rodríguez Valentín, will take place this evening, June 20, at 6:00pm at Tertulia, Calle de la Cruz # 251 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This book seeks to shed new light on, render tribute to, and reevaluate the political thought of this historical figure—the leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Pedro Albizu Campos—and to map out the trajectory of revolutionary nationalism. The title is a reference to a poem by Julia de Burgos, “Una canción a Albizu Campos” [A Song for Albizu Campos] where she writes: “Corazón del instante, nervio y pulso del mundo; que vivió en tu martirio y por ti se liberta. En tu cárcel, los pueblos aplastados se vieron y a tu nombre los pueblos, redimiéndose llegan.”

For more information, please call (787) 724-8200 and check out

For purchasing information, go to

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