Haitian Migrants Face Mass Deportations from Dominican Republic

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Tens of thousands of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic are at risk of expulsion, TeleSur reports.

Haitian immigrants crowding the streets in front of the country’s immigration registry office were met with repression by Dominican Republic police authorities on Monday, according to local media reports. Haitian immigrants living in the Dominican Republic face possible deportation on Thursday if they fail to register with the country’s immigration department before the government imposed deadline.

As the deadline approached, many applicants have complained of long wait times at registration centers, preventing them from registering. Nevertheless, Dominican Foreign Affairs minister Andres Navarro issued a statement on Monday saying that fears of mass deportations of Haitians living illegally in Dominican territory are unfounded.

In recent days, undocumented Haitians have held demonstrations denouncing inaction by both the Haitian and Dominican governments to provide them with required documents so they can register with the National Plan for the Regularization of Foreigners (PNRE). Bilateral tensions between the two Caribbean nations, which share the same island, reached a high point in September 2013, when the Dominican Constitutional Tribunal ruled that descendants of undocumented foreign nationals were ineligible for Dominican nationality, leaving more than 200,000 Haitian-Dominicans stateless.

Following the ruling, the Dominican Republic government announced an immigration naturalization program, which provides undocumented immigrants with an opportunity to register with the immigration authorities. Nevertheless, the registration process has been met with chronic delays, producing only 1,100 regularizations out of 68,000-plus requests.

For the original report go to http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Haitian-Migrants-Face-Mass-Deportations-from-Dominican-Republic-20150615-0020.html

3 thoughts on “Haitian Migrants Face Mass Deportations from Dominican Republic

  1. History repeats itself: Isn’t this what was happening in the days of Trujillo? Back then it was a government-sponsored genocide… now it is deportation! Could you please tell us why Dominican people, or rather their government, seem not to have any brotherly love for their Haitian neighbors? Is there something in history which explains this?

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