Call for Proposals: Puerto Rico: A US Colony in a Post-Colonial World?


Call for Proposals: Puerto Rico: A US Colony in a Post-Colonial World?

Radical History Review, Issue 128 (June 2017)

Abstract deadline: September 1, 2015

It is time to revisit the nature, meanings, and understandings of Puerto Rico’s and Puerto Ricans’ political, economic, social, cultural, and demographic relationship to the United States and Latin America. Puerto Rico, a United States colony for close to 115 years, is sinking into another period of decline.  Poverty is deepening, politics are in disarray, and emigration is again on the rise. The long, multifaceted resistance movement of the Puerto Rican people is in a period of reorientation. In this issue of the RHR we want to cast a wide net, and address Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the U.S. Empire from a variety of angles. In this context, it makes sense to raise a number of questions, including:

  • What does nationality, nationalism, and the questions of statehood, commonwealth or independence mean for Puerto Rico and for Puerto Ricans in the diaspora in the current period?
  • What stake do the U.S. government and economic elites have in maintaining Puerto Rico as its colony, as a component of its global empire?
  • What does it mean that more Puerto Ricans live in the mainland United States than on the island, and that there is an increasing stream of non-Puerto Rican immigrants to the island?
  • How has the reconfigured geopolitical context impacted Puerto Rican identity and prospects for liberation—and what might that liberation now look like?
  • How do we understand the economic, political, and cultural relationships of Puerto Rico to the United States, to the rest of the Caribbean, and to Latin America?
  • How do configurations of race and racial identity, and gendered and sexual identity among Puerto Ricans on the island and the mainland coalesce or conflict with nationalism, statehood, and the commonwealth?
  • What are the current configurations of political forces in Puerto Rico and among Puerto Ricans, and what prospects do they hold for women’s struggles, for the workers and environmental movements, for overall social transformation?
  • What does the present state of Puerto Rican nationhood and nationalism suggest about oppositional and liberations movements in the United States, the hemisphere, and worldwide?

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

2 thoughts on “Call for Proposals: Puerto Rico: A US Colony in a Post-Colonial World?

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    These are excellent questions? The answers to them are NOT easy. The questions are complex & multifaceted. It’s time to address them …. It’s time for Puerto Rico to come into its own!! However, there are so many obstacles to overcome? Is this possible? Could it happen in my lifetime? I think it will take longer than what I have left …..

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