Call for Proposals: Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, Vol. 8: Canada and the Caribbean


Call for Proposals: Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, Vol. 8: Canada and the Caribbean

Abstract deadline: August 1, 2015

Volume 8: Popular Print Culture in Canada and the Caribbean (ed. Gary Kelly and David Buchanan) will explore the production and reception of popular print materials from the seventeenth century to the present in Canada and the Caribbean. The aim is to provide a complete re-evaluation of the history of Canadian and Caribbean literature from the perspective of readers. This requires setting forth a clear and expansive picture of what most people actually read, how they did/do so, in what circumstances, and to what purposes. The volume as a whole will redefine popular print culture in Canadian, Caribbean, and related contexts through the recovery and analysis of neglected forms and authors, material conditions and networks, social relationships and practices.

Although open to a wide range of approaches, we are especially interested in essays that embrace historical-material methodologies such as book history and ethnomethodology. We welcome proposals by emerging and senior scholars from a wide range of disciplines. These may include book history and new media, literary and cultural studies, social history and Canadian studies, study of the Americas and Caribbean studies. We encourage work that emphasizes breadth of coverage (i.e. introductory or survey essays) or in-depth enquiry (i.e. case studies). Interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to address aspects of popular print culture that require renewed attention or have hitherto remained largely untouched are also encouraged. All essays must be written in accessible jargon-free English. But we look forward to submissions that deal with popular print and reading originally in other languages.

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

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