Hermes Croatto Joins Mijo de la Palma in “Canto ‘e jíbaro”


In Puerto Rico, singer Hermes Croatto and the group Mijo de la Palma will perform together for the first time on June 5, 2015, at 8:30pm at the Punto Fijo café-theater at the Center for Fine Arts in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Both are known for their (re)interpretations of traditional jíbaro music. Tickets for this special musical event are available at Here is a description from El Nuevo Día:

[. . .] Melvin López, singer and creator of the group Mijo de la Palma, gravitated towards traditional [jíbaro] music because as a child, he often heard it at home. Hermes Croatto, however, grew up next to the man who endorsed it, defended it and imbued it with the love he felt for this adopted country [Puerto Rico]. What he observed and learned from his late father, Tony Croatto (1940-2005), the young singer-songwriter reaffirmed in compositions such as “Antillano,” in which transmits his pride in being a fruit of this Island.

López and Croatto met at one of the concerts held in the past months to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of the creator of Canción de la Serranía [Song of the Highlands]. The first meeting did not do justice to either one. They prejudged separately until they gradually discovered that what they shared was much more than what separated them.

“Hermes has a sweetness and an honesty that is very difficult to find in most people. It was easy to lower my barriers with him; musically-speaking, he has a talent that goes far beyond being the son of Tony Croatto; it is something that is very much his own,” stressed the troubadour [López].

The result of that friendship will be the musical encounter “Canto ‘e jíbaro,” which will take place on Friday, June 5, starting at 8:30pm at the café-theater Punto Fijo at the Center for Fine Arts. [. . .] According to Lopez, he does not usually set up a repertoire. He prefers to allow space to create the music live.

This freedom will not exclude a selection of songs that are important for each one of them, including some songs by Tony Croatto. “I’ll be performing some of my own songs and some of my dad’s songs, but I’ve included some details that are mine to give them my personal mark, which speaks about how I feel,” explained [Hermes] Croatto.

One of his own compositions, which he will share with the public, is “Carta al cielo” [Letter to Heaven]. “It was the first piece I wrote when dad died; it is a letter to Dad and to God.”

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