Trinidad and Tobago: International Day of Yoga (Reaching Out to the Diaspora)


Executive members of the International Day of Yoga Committee – Trinidad and Tobago made a courtesy visit to His Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta, High Commissioner of India in Port-of-Spain. The Committee was pleased to report on its successes in networking with several organizations and individuals to observe the International Day of Yoga 2015 as well as to open a line of communication which strengthens its purpose.

H.E. Gupta has endorsed and will share greetings on behalf of India Prime Minister Narendra Modiat the launch of Yoga Fest 2015 on Saturday 20th June at the NCIC Nagar in Chaguanas. Men, women, boys and girls from across Trinidad and Tobago will be engaged in a day of activities including a health and wellness caravan, workshops on a healthy heart, stress management and diabetes control with yoga, information and networking booths, live demonstrations, food and refreshments catering for healthy and holistic lifestyles.

On Sunday 21st June there is a lobby to have the largest gathering of yoga practitioners and observers in the history of Trinidad and Tobago or perhaps the Caribbean with Yoga on the Boardwalk at Chaguaramas from 6:00AM.

All High Commissioners of India were requested to engage and encourage respective jurisdictions to recognize and continue efforts towards the increased awareness and practice of yoga focusing on its benefit to the body, mind and spirit. The independent formation of a local steering committee, its Facebook presence and recognition of its activities on the official International Day of Yoga website came in for commendation. This, as H.E. Gupta hoped that Trinbagonians could break any religious barrier, if only for the overall health and well-being of the country, possible savings in national healthcare expenditure, and the preservation of life and limb through reduced incidence of lifestyles diseases.

The discussions also included the upcoming launch of a certified course on Ayurvedic Medicine at the University of the West Indies and the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme, a bilateral assistance programme run by the Government of India, which may soon be expanded to include Ayurvedic studies.

One thought on “Trinidad and Tobago: International Day of Yoga (Reaching Out to the Diaspora)

  1. Congratulations to the Yoga Committee! I believe the recognition of Yoga and widespread propagation has been long overdue especially since we are seeing an increase in lifestyle diseases in T&T. As an amateur, I am excited for Yoga Fest & look forward to H.E.Gupta to initiate these Ayurvedic programmes in 2015 itself! I plan to promote this event in my small way, even if all I can influence is my family….I hope others do the same. Be that tree of life you want to see grow and grow healthy 🙂

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