Occupy Seaside: Havana’s 12th Biennial


On Cuba magazine features 19 photos of the amazing pieces now adorning Havana’s Malecón, the seaside promenade, in the art show “Behind the Wall” (part of Havana’s 12th Biennial). [Shown here, “Blue Cube” by Rachel Valdés (above) and “Delicatessen” (below) by Roberto Fabelo.


For an entire month, Havana’s Malecon seaside will be more than simply a wall separating the city from the ocean. Some of the artists taking part at the Havana Biennial have turned this walkway into a street gallery that accommodates the most bizarre objects and installations: giant cakes, a skating ring, sand beach chairs and umbrellas. Clearer in their meaning to some, incomprehensible to others, these 60 works belong to a curatorial section of the art show titled Behind the Wall.

For full gallery, see http://oncubamagazine.com/culture/occupy-seaside-havanas-12th-biennial/

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