New Webzine: “Cuba Counterpoints” 


Ariana Hernández Reguant announces the new webzine Cuba Counterpoints (whose title playfully refers to Cuban scholar Fernando Ortiz’s Contrapunteo cubano del tababo y azúcar, translated as Cuban Counterpoint). Join us in welcoming this new site for the discussion and dissemination of work related to Cuban affairs. Hernández Reguant, editor of Cuba Counterpoints writes:

Cuba Counterpoints is the public intellectual face of the Cuba scholarly community. We welcome your input and collaboration. Check out the site, share your opinions and, most importantly, WRITE for us!

Description: All of us involved in the making of this journal are committed to a plural space from which to think beyond nations about the issues of our time—from environmental concerns, to power imbalances, to sentimental longings, to political tactics, to notions of right and wrong—as they are experienced by people and communities that hold some idea of ‘Cuba’ as a historical and cultural referent. Yet not only do we aim to shed light on social and cultural processes embedded in Cuba, but also to understand them more generally, as expressions of a humanity without borders.

For more information, contact us

For original description, see

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