Massive Rejection to Cuts at Puerto Rico University


As Latino Rebels point out, students protested in a massive march in San Juan on May 13 and, for the most part, the U.S. media ignored it. Thousands of members of the state University of Puerto Rico community rejected the possible cuts to the institution’s budget because of the fiscal crisis of the island. Only Prensa Latina reported; here are excerpts:

Students, teachers, investigators and non-teaching workers of the UPR and members of private universities met at the Capitol of San Juan to march up to La Fortaleza, the host of the Puerto Rican Executive.

download[. . .] Julio Muriente, a leader of Puerto Rico’s National Independentist Hostosian Movement (MINH), had supporting words for UPR president Uroyoan Walker Ramos, since he joined the protest. “We want people to know the importance of the university for the country, the value of the UPR, and this event is proof of what the institution is,” said Walker Ramos, first president of the UPR participating in a manifestation of this nature. He said he hopes to meet with the presidents of the House of Representatives, Jaime Perelló, and the Senate, Eduardo Bhatia, to try to prevent the public university is affected.

The government threatens to reduce by 20 percent the income of the UPR by removing legislative appropriations, although the precarious situation in which is the freezing of the formula by virtue of Act 66 of 2014.

Walker Ramos said the UPR is able to assume the tasks that the government often contract with private companies. Protesters occupied much of the so-called Plaza de la Democracia in the southern sector of the Capitol, where in 2010 the university on strike were savagely repressed by the task force of police, during the administration of Luis G. Fortuño (2009-2013).

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