L’oeil du lézard: Caribbean Contemporary Art


For a more significant contribution to the promotion of Caribbean art internationally, Aica Southern Caribbean [Aica Caraïbe du sud] has developed a series highlighting short videos in French, English, and Spanish. This series (depending on the partners’ agreement) aims at introducing contemporary Caribbean visual artists from the entire archipelago.

Initiated by Dominique Brebion from Martinique, the series will focus first on some artists from Martinique. Ernest Breleur will be the first of these artists. [Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque was in charge of the credits. Vianney Sotes photographed and edited the pictures. Dominique Brebion wrote the text and the reader is Suzanne Lampla.]

Ernest Breleur: Born in 1945 in Martinique, and formerly a member of the Fwomajé Group whose objective was to promote Caribbean Aesthetics, Ernest Breleur carried on next with a solo career with The Black Series, The Mythology of the Moon Series, and The White Series.

Then he started questioning the metaphysics of Life and Death. In 1992, he finally abandoned painting for good to explore unexpected material, unusual to the field of art, the X-ray film, revealing the non-visible, and the intimate part of the human being. In his studio, under an old surgical lighting apparatus -or scialytique- Ernest Breleur works like a surgeon-artist, he assembles, recomposes, and stitches some imaginary dead body. His objective is to represent the triumph of Life over Death using fragments of anonymous bodies referring thus to the human species. Ernest Breleur’s creations reconstitute in a metaphorical way a ‘body-cosmos ’in order to celebrate the power of Life.

As an art teacher, then as the Director of the visual arts school in Martinique, he took part in numerous artistic events: The São Paolo Biennial in 1994 and 1998; The Habana Biennial in 1994, Kreyol Factory in 2009, and the 3×3 Exhibition in Les Filles du Calvaire Galery in 2010.

Now, breaking off with the past, Breleur takes to drawing again. Searching for the limits of his drawings and progressing from drawing to painting, the artist is in quest of some emergence of graphic matter in his production. The current series is about the origin of the world, questioning the living world, sexuality and eroticism already present in the anterior creations.

For more information, see http://aica-sc.net/2015/05/16/loeil-du-lezard-caribbean-contemporary-art/

Also recommended: http://aica-sc.net/2014/07/16/meditations-on-ernest-breleur-patrick-chamoiseau/; http://aica-sc.net/2014/07/04/ernest-breleurs-drawings-as-a-visual-metaphor-questioning-the-corporeal/; and http://aica-sc.net/2013/04/03/ernest-beleurs-paintings-in-habitation-saint-etienne/

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