Photography Exhibition—“Cuba: Turning the Corner”


Photojournalist Linda J. Hirsch’s “Cuba: Turning the Corner” is a collection of photographs that explore Cuban culture, communities, and contemporary Jewish and interfaith life in the country. The exhibition opened on May 11 and will be on view until June 13, 2015 at Amazing Things Art Center, located at 160 Hollis Street, Framingham, Massachusetts. The opening reception takes place tomorrow evening (Thursday, May 14) at 7:00pm.

Description: [. . .] In 1998, Linda J. Hirsch, chose an alternative path to her successful career as a commercial photographer. Having trained and worked as a Child Psychologist and Photo-documentarian, she decided to combine her passions and to allow for a more creative, human rights-oriented focus.

Since 2001, she has traveled 7 times to Cienfuegos and other parts of Cuba, under a license to do Jewish-related work. Her presentations, multi-media exhibits, curated shows, media interviews, articles and special events highlight contemporary Jewish and interfaith life within the broader context of a country in transition. The inspiration, challenges, epiphanies and insights will be shared in an Artist Talk (date: TBD).

For the past 14 years, HIRSCH has enabled craft initiatives by Cuban elders, mentored Cuban youths in photo-documenting their lives and connected Cuban Jewish-interfaith communities with others throughout the diaspora.

Her first trip was led by Cong. Beth El Sudbury Cantor, Lorel Zar-Kessler and husband, Arnie. Hirsch returned 6 more times, often solo. Via an international, collegial network, she has enabled individual and communal Cuban dreams of living a vibrant Jewish life and leaving a lasting legacy, during a time of transition, under difficult circumstances and in the face of increasing emigration.

Dynamic, abstract, Cuban-infused photo-projections were commissioned by José Mateo, Boston-based, Cuban-born choreographer, for the 25th anniversary of his ballet troupe. Her award-winning images (Cuban/other) have been exhibited internationally and have enhanced live poetry readings and music events.

Ltd. Edition (b&w/color documentary and other) images are available for purchase and by commission. A portion of proceeds will fund projects and events on behalf of Cuban-interfaith communities.

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