CALL FOR PAPERS: “Circum-Caribbean Poetics”


CALL FOR PAPERS: “Circum-Caribbean Poetics”

Professor Jana Braziel ( and Nicasio Urbina ( are issuing a “Call for Papers” for a special issue of Cincinnati Romance Review (slated for publication in spring 2016) devoted to the theme of Circum-Caribbean Poetics.

Submissions Due September 10, 2015.

Professor Jana Braziel and Nicasio Urbina are writing to propose a special issue ofCincinnati Romance Review (slated for publication in spring 2016) devoted to the theme of Circum-Caribbean Poetics. The special issue will foreground poetry and literary prose written by Afro-Caribbean writers from the anglophone, francophone, and hispanophone countries in the Caribbean archipelago, and by Afro-Central American writers from Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panamá.  The special issue will include scholarly and critical essays as well as poems, short stories, and literary nonfiction. The purpose of the special issue is to contextualize Circum-Caribbean and Central American poetics through the historical lenses of slavery, migration, independence, ethnicity and racial difference, polylinguistic play, and contemporary transcultural exchanges in the archipelago and circum-sea region. The special issue will open new spaces—literary, diasporic, and circum-regional—for cross-fertilization in the Americas: it will uniquely examine the multifarious literatures of the Caribbean islands and the Central American countries in comparative relationship (an exercise that is novel); and it will comparatively examine the literatures and poetics of African diasporic writers from across the Caribbean sea, from archipelagic and continental countries in the region.

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    Please note:
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    Copyright: The journal is entitled to publish submitted work in any form (online or in print). The editor-in-chief can also reproduce the submission in any form (book/ anthology) and authors will be reported about the publication in other form.

    Submission Guidelines
    1. Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc) via email to
    2. Please make the editor’s job easy: Each submission must be a new email thread, attach only one submission per email, use an appropriate email subject: “Submission: Short Fiction:”.
    3. Please give the document an appropriate title. Best would be – .

    4. For short fiction, we encourage stories which are between 1000-2500 words. In case it exceeds the word limit, we might just consider it if it is exceptionally good.
    5. We accept poetry of any length, articles within 3000 words.

    Plagiarism Policy: By submitting paper for publication to the journal, you as contributor/ author/ co-author state that:
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    You declare that each contribution to your work from other people published or unpublished sources have been acknowledged and the sources of information have been referenced.
    You certify that you are solely responsible for any incomplete reference that may remain in your work

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    Cash Prize:
    However to encourage the budding writers, the journal proposes to announce two prizes (1st and 2nd) for each issue of the journal. The prize will be materialized in Indian Currency, directly deposited in winner’s bank account.
    Call for Submission: Submission is accepted throughout the year, there is not specific bound date. However for volume 1, issue 1, submit your best works within 1 August, 2015. The issue will be published tentatively in the last week of August, 2015. The author will be informed about the outcome of submission within 10 days of his/her submission. Any submission after the date will be rolled for the next issue.

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