US Business Schools Set their Sights on Cuba


Jonathan Moules (Business Education) writes about the long-term prospects for business education in Cuba in the context of the changing relations between Washington and Havana. He gives examples of US business schools that have been able to take advantage of the possibility for US-based academic institutions to visit Cuba for study trips. His main example is that of Professor Stephan Meier from the Columbia Business School in New York. In three years, Professor Meier has taken 120 students to Cuba.

Another program is NYU Stern, which has offered a similar program called Doing Business in Cuba. Moules writes that “To date, the 84 Stern MBA students who have taken the trip to Havana have only been able to do so thanks to connections provided by Ludwig Foundation, a not-for-profit body created to build links between the US and Cuba, primarily in the arts.”

He also underlines that the pace of change in Cuba, where no business school yet exists, is a subject of debate. He offers varying points of view by specialists such as Tom Pugel, vice-dean of MBA programs at NYU Stern and Carl Voigt, professor of clinical management and organization at USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles (who led the first US business school delegation to Cuba in 2000 and has since taken about 1,000 students on study visits).

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