HBO buys Marlon James’ book rights


The Bookseller has reported that the Home Box Office (HBO) has bought screen rights to Jamaican writer Marlon James’ novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings (Oneworld), for a series adaptation, as we hear from Jamaica’s Observer.

James’ novel, which was published last year, was inspired by the real-life incident when gunmen attacked Bob Marley’s house in 1976, according to The Bookseller.

The story spans three decades and reportedly chronicles the lives of a number of characters from slum kids to drug lords and the CIA.

The book won both the Anisfield-Wolf Fiction Prize for books that contribute to our understanding of racism and cultural diversity and the OCM Bocas Fiction Prize for Caribbean Literature.

HBO plans to produce an ongoing series, with award-winning screenwriter Eric Roth penning the script, The Bookseller says.

For the original report go to–book-rights

One thought on “HBO buys Marlon James’ book rights

  1. With all due respect, Marlon James is bound to make “billions” but Marlon James is no literary Martin Luther King, Jr. not even for the KUKLUXKLAN
    Racist Rehabilitation Program. He is a good looking Afro-American Man and great writ. I am very happy that he is not being used as target practice by our US of “US” frustrated police persons all over the US of “US” map with exception of ALASKA and HAWAII according to the statistics because WE AFRO-AMERICANS “WE” are not very “cousy” to extreme cold or to extreme heat. “NO OFFENSE ESKIMO BROTHERS.” AND WE WERE FORCED OUT OF AFRICA BY BOTH ARABS AND WHITE EUROPEANS to do their DIRTY WORK FROM THE EARLY ERA OF TUTANKAMON TO THE PRESENT EXTERMINATING CYCLE of NYC-FERGUSON -BALTIMORE- THE WHOLE US of “US” NEXT . TALK ABOUT TRANSCENDENCE COMMODIFYING A BIG CHUNK OF THE HUMAN SPECIES! ALABAO! ¡HACHE PA’TO!” BUY THE BOOK, GO TO SEE THE MOVIE! IT WILL HELP TO KEEP MORE AFRO-AMERICANS EMPLOYED, I HOPE!!!!

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