Simone Schwarz-Bert winner of Grand Prix Littéraire


Guadeloupean writer Simone Schwarz-Bart is the winner of Le Grand Prix Littéraire awarded by the Association des Ecrivains de la Caraïbe on April 18. 

She was selected from among three finalists, which included Dominican writer Rita Indiana Hernández for Nombres y animales (Periférica) and Jamaican writer Marlon James for A Brief History of Seven Killings. Schwarz-Bart was nominated for L’Ancêtre en Solitude (Seuil), a memoir co-written with her late husband André Schwarz-Bart.

Last year’s winner was Edwidge Danticat for Creating Dangerously. The first winner of the award (in 2011) was Earl Lovelace for It’s Just a Movie.

The 4th Congress of Caribbean Writers was held last week in Guadeloupe and brought together a stellar array of the region’s literary talent, among them Earl Lovelace, the President of the Congress (unanimously reelected),  Kwame Dawes, Schuyler Esprit, Oonya Kampadoo, Vladimir Lucien (Bocas Poetry winner, 2015), Elizabeth Nunez and  Lawrence Scott, who presented his new collection of short stories (Leaving by plane, swimming back underwater/Papillotte Press)
The theme this year was “Voyages, migrations, diasporas in Caribbean literatures.”

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