García Márquez’ Macondo will be showcased at Bogotá Book Fair


A post by Peter Jordens.

The magical world of Macondo created by Colombian Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez will be the guest of honor at the 23rd Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBO) to be held from April 21 to May 4, 2015.

Approximately 1,500 activities including lectures, literary presentations and artistic performances will make up FILBO this year. The annual show will be staged once again on the Fairgrounds of Corferia in the capital city. Macondo, the imaginary town created by García Márquez, will be FILBO’s main attraction, one year after the Nobel laureate passed away in Mexico City (April 17, 2014).

Enrique Gonzalez, Chairman of the Colombian Chamber of Books and of FILBO’s Organizing Committee, reported that Pavilion Four, which traditionally hosts foreign publishers, will this time receive the unique literary universe of the writer born in Aracataca. Concerning the atmosphere that is evoked by the Macondo Pavilion, Piedad Bonnet, an expert on the work of the late Colombian writer, said that whoever has read One Hundred Years of Solitude knows that the nonexistent town represents an autonomous world with its own geography, history, customs, beliefs and laws. It is also, he said, a microcosm of the history of Colombia and Latin America, with its civil wars, social conflicts and recurrent attempts at pillage by foreign powers. At the same time it is a parable of the rise and fall of a community that traverses all eras, from prehistory to the apocalypse, structured according to the model of a creation myth, he added.


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