CFP: Caribbean Visual Conference (Deadline Extended)


If you had considering attending what promises to be a fascinating conference and had missed the original deadline, here’s good news. The deadline has been extended until May 30th.

Contemporary Caribbean Visual Cultures Conference: Envisioning the Futures of Emancipation and the Emancipation of Futures

Universidad del Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia, 9 al 11 de septiembre de 2015.

This conference aims to rethink the continuities and discontinuities between past and future projects of emancipation. The major premise here is that decolonization and the processes of otherness, differentiation, (dis) identification and silencing linked to emancipative processes and projects cannot be thought of as closed events, nor are they attached to any self-evident materialization. On the contrary, their consequences and possibilities have to be tracked in different registers articulated through divergent temporalities and spatialities, allowing conflictive public and private agencies and expressions. Additionally, the emancipative projects arising at the end of colonialism contemplated a vision of the future, an image that implied not only a new sociopolitical and racial distribution, but also a new corpus of representations of self and others and a variety of agendas that were intended to materialize these images.

In what way have decolonial images survived in our present? What are the visual fractures existing within the historical and political processes of decolonization taking place in the Caribbean? What lessons can decolonial imaginaries teach to contemporary emancipative initiatives? Can we obtain a different understanding of the past, the present and the futures of emancipation by looking at the images generated by those processes?

This conference continues the debates that arose in the International Conference “Contemporary Caribbean visual culture: artistic visions of global citizenship”, held in June 2014 in Birmingham (UK). In order to do that, it seeks to foster interdisciplinary debates on contemporary Caribbean and Atlantic visual culture. We welcome papers and panel proposals focusing on issues such as:

  • The visual registers of decolonization and otherness;
  • Gendered and racialized visions of emancipation;
  • Visual archives of emancipation/the emancipation of the archive;
  • The future of emancipation;
  • Spaces and times of decolonial experiences;
  • Individual and collective visions of emancipation.

Individual abstracts (200 words maximum) and panel proposals (800 words maximum) should be sent to by March 30th 2015. Please use also this email address for any query concerning this event.

All the proposals will be peer reviewed. The final decision of the Scientific Committee will be notified within a month after the reception of the proposal.

CONFERENCE FEE: the conference fee of US$40.


The registration form may be downloaded here.

The deadline for returning the registration form is 30th May to the conference email.

*Papers can be read in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


– Dr. Patricia Saunders. University of Miami

– Dr. Dialitza Colón. Universidad de Puerto Rico

– Dr. Jerry Philogene. Dickinson University New York

– Dr.Francisco J. Hernández Adrián. Durham University UK

– Dr. Christine Chivallon. Université de Bourdeaux

– MG.Juan Carlos Dávila. Universidad del Atlántico

– Dr. Kristian van Haesendonck. Universidade de Lisboa

– Dr. Magdalena López. Universidade de Lisboa

            – Dr. Dernival Venâncio Ramos. Universidade Federal do Tocantins

– Dr. Anna Maria Pimenta Hoffmann. Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (UNIFESP)

Danny Armando González Cueto

[Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad del Atlántico]

Conrad James

[Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham]

Carlos Garrido Castellano

[Centro de Estudos Comparatistas, Universidade de Lisboa]

[Poster Image; Artwork: Pared Colonial (Cocacola) by Marco Mojica (Alumni /Universidad del Atlántico ) ]

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