Martinique Surf Pro: World Surf League Qualification Series


Wake, Wind and Surf reminds us that on Tuesday, April 21, the first edition of the Martinique Surf Pro, an event included in the World Surf League Qualification Series (QS) will begin. The competition, in which 112 talented surfers from around the world are taking part, continues through April 26. Attendees will discover one of the finest surfing locations on Martinique: Basse-Pointe, in the north-east of the island. The opening gala evening will launch the festivities on Saturday, April 18, with the participation of the well-known Caribbean artist, Erik Pédurand.

The organizers at Martinique Surfing are hard at work ensuring a perfect welcome for the competitors and spectators, who will be in Basse-Pointe next week for the Martinique Surf Pro, the only Caribbean leg of the World Surf League Qualification Series (QS) in 2015. [. . .]

The closer we get to the start of the Martinique Surf Pro, the bigger the event becomes with a lot of interest spreading far from the town of Basse-Pointe. The tension is starting to build and the local people on Martinique can hardly wait to see some of the world’s leading surfers competing on their local waters. Spectators will be coming not merely from Martinique and will be able to make the most of the many events that are being set up ashore during the day and at night. Basse-Pointe is certainly going to be coming alive. The gala opening event will set the tone. It is being held on Saturday 18th April at the Domaine Saint Aubin, a charming hotel located in La Trinité, in the presence of Erik Pédurand, who will be coming especially from Washington with his musicians. Two local DJs, DJ Antoine Fletcher and DJ Dream will get the spectators dancing until the morning.

From Tuesday 21st April, the long, powerful waves at Basse-Pointe will enable the surfers to show off the full extent of their talent. In this competitive format with 112 competitors, 32 will qualify directly for the third round: the top 28 surfers in the Qualification Series (QS), as well as four benefiting from Wild Cards (invitations) awarded by the organizers and the WSL.

The first round will bring together 32 surfers (the lowest ranked in the QS), the second 64 and the third also 64. At each of these stages of the competition, the competitors will be divided up into pools of four. For the third round, which will see the entrance of the top surfers, there will therefore be 16 pools. In each series, the four surfers will battle it out against one another during a pre-defined length of time. As soon as one competitor hops onto a wave, the five judges will award a score on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the perfect result).

Out of the five scores awarded to a surfer after he has surfed the wave, the highest and lowest marks are discarded and the average of the remaining three calculated. At the end of the series, the best two waves will be counted to obtain a score out of 20 points. In each pool, the two surfers with the best scores will qualify for the next round, and the two others are eliminated. From the quarter finals, the competition will switch to duels. One surfer will be eliminated and the other one qualifies. [. . .]

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