Must-read black authors according to Isaac Fitzgerald (BuzzFeed Books)

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List of “22 Contemporary Authors You Absolutely Should Be Reading” by Isaac Fitzgerald of BuzzFeed Books includes: 

Edwidge Danticat at number 3 (“In her complex and eloquent work, Danticat explores Haiti’s history of violence and trauma, and what it is to be exiled from a place while knowing it cannot truly be left behind”);

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Roxane Gay at number 9 (“Gay’s An Untamed State, the story of a woman kidnapped for ransom in Haiti, is political and deeply personal, describing the myriad ways in which people can hurt and heal one another. Her nonfiction is similarly powerful, leading us through topics light and heavy with ease; whether we’re reading about race, abuse, gender, or Channing Tatum, Gay’s nuance, intelligence, and passion keep us in good hands”);

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Marlon James at number 16 (“A Brief History of Seven Killings astonished everyone when it came out last year, a huge, ambitious, and wild novel about a legacy of violence and turmoil in Jamaica that spans from the late ’70s to the ’90s. You’ll be wowed by James’ difficult but necessary ruminations on the ways in which violence touches his characters’ lives, as well as his incredible mastery over the multitudes of voices populating his fiction”);

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Zadie Smith at number 19 (“Starting with her blockbuster debut White Teeth, Smith’s novels are must-reads — not only smart and wonderfully written, but full of storytelling verve and excitement. Smith has established herself as one of our most important contemporary authors, and a brilliant and insightful essayist and cultural commentator”).

Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

The complete list is at

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