Buju Banton Still In Prison Despite Rumors Of Release


Embattled reggae star Buju Banton is still serving his sentenced in a Florida prison despite rumors that he was released early and deported back to Jamaica, UrbanIslandz.com reports.

Yesterday, social media was buzzing about the Gargamel’s early release after several dancehall-based websites ran a story claiming that he was released under the new sentencing changes for convicted drug traffickers.

A rep for the Grammy-winning reggae singer told Urban Islandz that these reports are false and damaging.

“These reports are false and the folks behind these websites are doing more harm than good,” his rep told us. “We have been getting numerous phone calls since yesterday and even from people seeking bookings and interviews so let me put this to rest, the news is false.”

More than 1700 drug offenders have already being identified as being eligible for early released in Florida under the rollback of the federal guidelines.
Unfortunately, these changes does not apply to inmates such as Buju Banton, who is serving the minimum mandatory sentence.

In a motion filed in December last year, Banton lawyers argued that he has been working behind bars and has very good conduct. He requested that authorities releases him and deports him back to his homeland Jamaica.

But the U.S. Sentencing Commission says only congress can change mandatory minimum penalties.

Buju Banton also lost his appeal in the US Appeals Court earlier this year. The court arguedthat they don’t have jurisdiction over the case.

This means that Buju Banton will serve out his 10-year sentence until 2019.

For the original report go to http://urbanislandz.com/2015/03/26/buju-banton-still-in-prison-despite-rumors-of-release/

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