New Book: Russell Streeter’s “101 Things to Do and Places to See in Barbados”


101 Things to Do and Places to See in Barbados is a book written by financier and author Russell Streeter. According to Nicole Akoukou Thompson (Latin Post), the book details the best-kept secrets and charms of the island and proves that Barbados is “more than clear water, pearly sand, and sun-drenched weather.”

There are 38 remarkable beaches, 40 attractions and 23 fun activities scattered about the island, as well as bevy of local cuisine. The island hosts beautiful flamboyant trees, sugar cane fields, soft snow on the height of mountain peaks, rum distilleries, a 17th century English iron cannon collection, and wide-spanning wild life reserves.

[. . .] Born to an English father and a Guyanese mother, Streeter is native to Barbados, and he’s from the parish of St. Philip, near the world-famous Crane Beach. An expert on the local scene, he equips visitors with a booklet that leads them to events and activities with ease. The guide includes 30 full-color images of the island, historical facts and a comprehensive list of cultural events and sporting activities. With his guide, Streeter proves that Barbados is more than clear water, pearly sand, sun-drenched weather and a perky atmosphere; his tourism guide tells the story of opportunity, hope, dominance, resilience and inventiveness.

“I wrote this book to let people know about the best that Barbados has to offer holiday makers, so that the sights and attractions and food would make more sense. I want people to feel like ‘regulars,’ even on their first trip, and to ensure that they find things to do that will satisfy the whole family,” Streeter said in a statement. “I’ve included beaches from all around the island, from world-famous Crane Beach to little-known Shark’s Hole where I grew up. I chose the best historical, cultural and natural attractions, from the most authentic and complete 18th and 19th century British garrison in the world to the Caribbean’s only complete surviving sugar windmill.” [. . .]

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