Kanelle Léger: France’s Savate Boxing Champion


Last Saturday (March 28, 2015), Martinican boxer Kanelle Léger became France’s champion of savate boxing (French kickboxing), in the under 70 kg category. She is now called the rising star of French boxing. Here are excerpts, translated from the French; see full article in the link below:

Trained at the Kréyol Boxing Club in Martinique, the young boxer is the youngest of three children. Her family says that she got her fighting spirit from being around her big brothers. When she discovered boxing, a passion was born. A few years later, as she trained with her coach Thierry Louision, she showed a real talent for French boxing. She became a hope champion and Inter-Caribbean champion in 2011.

2015 is the year of solidifying her expertise; since she won as champion of France Élite facing the world champion Blandine Jouard, Kanelle is in a central position for the world championships.

For the young Martinican boxer, sports education for young people is paramount. The values and principles that characterize it are essential for their integration in society.

She also encourages the practice of boxing by women who, according to her, will find the double benefit of keeping fit and developing confidence. [. . .]

For original post (in French), see http://www.region-martinique.mq/blog/kanelle-leger-championne-de-france/

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