Gabriel García Márquez and His Legendary Macondo at Bogota Book Fair

gaboThe International Book Fair of Bogota (aka FILBO), will honor legendary Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and his Macondo (described in One Hundred Years of Solitude), by recreating the fictitious town in a three thousand square meter space. There will be exhibitions, academic lectures, and multimedia creations related to Macondo and García Márquez’s work. FILBO runs from April 21 to May 4, 2015.

The greatest literary event of this Andean country, will render tribute to Gabo next April, when is commemorated one year from the Nobel Prize Winner’s death. Storyteller and journalist, the Literature Nobel Prize in 1982, Gabo created a universe described in One Hundred Years of Solitude, will have a new opportunity on earth told reporters the organizers of the feast of letters.

[. . .] Music and other traditions of the Colombian Caribbean, linked to the life of the novelist, will give glitter to the Corterías grounds, [which] will welcome pavilions of almost all participating countries of the region [. . .].

Born in Aracataca, a little village located 80 kilometers from the Caribbean coast, Gabo died last April 17 in Mexico, victim of cancer. Curators and followers of his work participate in the conception of the space dedicated to recreate Macondo, [. . .] a metaphor of some Latin American towns.

[. . .] Among the labyrinths covered by texts, visitors will be able to remember the work of the intellectual whose legacy boasts such novels as Love in Times of Cholera, Of Love and Other Demons and Chronicle of an Announced Death.

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