Film Screening: “Black in America Part I, Cuba: The Next Revolution”


Harvard University’s Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African and African-American Art has been hosting “A Cuban Cinema Series” on Thursdays at noon, from March 12 through May 14, 2015 (as part of Drapetomanía: Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba, on view until May 29). This week’s film, to be screened on Thursday, March 26, will be Black in America Part I, Cuba: The Next Revolution (2011, 51 min. English) directed by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The Cooper Gallery is located at 102 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Description: In this PBS series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. travels to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru to discover the African influence on Latin America. He examines the shared legacy of colonialism and slavery in a region that imported ten times as many slaves as the United States, and kept them in bondage far longer. Gates finds that the influence of African descent has had a massive influence on the history and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean, despite sometimes being forgotten or ignored. In “Cuba: The Next Revolution,” Professor Gates examines how the culture, religion, politics, and music of this island are inextricably linked to the huge amount of slave labor imported to produce its enormously profitable nineteenth-century sugar industry, and how race and racism have fared since Fidel Castro’s Communist Revolution in 1959.

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One thought on “Film Screening: “Black in America Part I, Cuba: The Next Revolution”

  1. Gran presentación de la triste situación racial en Cuba.Pero siempre son los mismos que critican a los perpretadores del crimen racial cuando ellas y ellos mismos están recibiendo regalías y sueldos de los perpetradores. ALABAO!
    HACHE PA’ TO’!

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