Why I Founded a Magazine for Dominican Women


This Cosmopolitan article focuses on a project by Dominican writer Amanda Alcántara, who founded La Galería, a magazine for Dominican women. It is described as “a magazine for and by Dominicans living in the diaspora.” See excerpts here and read the full article in the link provided at the end.

Dominican writer and organizer Amanda Alcantara always felt like she had one foot in New York and one in the Dominican Republic. As someone who was “ni de aqui, ni de alla,” she’d always been interested in the culture, politics, and experience of living in the Dominican diaspora — or what it means to be a Dominican living away from the island — but as she struggled to understand her own identity, she realized there weren’t very many spaces physically or online where she could connect with other Dominicans and talk about their unique situation.

So she and two friends decided to create that space themselves. Earlier this year, they launched La Galería, a magazine intended to be a place where Dominicans could reach out to one another and talk about their community and history and explore their culture together. Alcantara sat down with Cosmopolitan.com to talk about her new publication, her co-founders, and what it means to be an Afro-Dominican woman in the world today.

La Galería is basically a magazine for and by Dominicans living in the diaspora. It’s a space to talk about identity, culture, and the nostalgia of living in another country away from home. The name is a reference to the space we’re trying to create, because la galería is the name of the front porches on the houses of the Dominican Republic. It’s the place where people sit down to have a conversation. The weather over there is amazing, so you’re not always invited into the living room. Instead, you usually sit down on la galería to play dominos and talk politics. We decided to have a rocking chair as our logo, because we also want to keep in mind that people have galerías even if they don’t have a physical space in front of their house. Even if you have a very humble household, you will still probably have a rocking chair or two where you can invite people over to talk. [. . .]

For full story, see http://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/news/a37895/founder-la-galeria-dominican-diaspora/

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