Interview with Fabiola: A Puerto Rican star true to her generation


Jessica Lucía Roiz interviews singer Fabiola Ramos for VOXXI. She is currently making the rounds to introduce the new bachata version of her first single “Me voy.”

Being a favorite on “Idol Puerto Rico’s” second season in 2012 was quite the journey for contestant Fabiola Ramos, little did she know that three years later she’d be promoting her music videos and debut studio album to the world.

VOXXI (V): Who is Fabiola in a nutshell?

FABIOLA: I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I’m very homebody and I’ve always loved music since I was little. Growing up, I played the piano and was in the chorus; I participated in every talent show possible. I started writing my first songs when I was a teen. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a career in music, so I continued my studies in Mental Health and received my masters. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to join “Idol Puerto Rico,” where I was fourth finalist. Following the show, I began to work on my album which has 10 tracks –eight of which I composed. It’s a very modern and fresh album that talks about all types of issues happening in the mundane.

V: What was the best thing about being on “Idol Puerto Rico”?
F: The opportunity to grow musically was key, but one of the best parts was meeting my colleagues and becoming friends with the contestants. Also knowing the behind-the-scenes of reality TV.

V: Your lyrics are very diverse, where do you seek your inspiration?
F: Definitely from the things that I feel at the moment, like hurtful experiences. I let it all out in paper and express myself in writing. There’s also a bit of fantasy and exaggeration in my songs to get the point across.

V: Your songs are typically latin pop, why a new version of “Me Voy” and why bachata?
F: “Me Voy” because it was my first hit single in Puerto Rico and I wanted the same song to open the doors for me in the U.S. And bachata because many Latinos like that genre –it’s trendy, it’s fun, it’s young. Besides bachata, I also included some reggae beats in the song, I was creative.

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