Half-pipe diplomacy: Skateboarding in Cuba


In her photo-reportage, Lisette Poole (Mashable) writes that “For these Americans in Cuba, skateboarding was never embargoed.” She’s talking about Cuba Skate, a group that supports and promotes skate culture in Cuba, where skateboarding is not an official sport. See excerpts here and see full article and photos in the link below:

Long before the U.S. and Cuba mended diplomatic relations, skateboarding brought together the two countries.

After studying abroad in Cuba in 2010, Miles Jackson and a group of friends started Cuba Skate, a group that supports and promotes skate culture within Cuba.

One of their priorities is to build what will eventually become the largest skate park in Latin America.

U.S.-based members of the group have made several trips to Cuba, each time bringing with them new gear — from necessities the (decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape), to T-shirts and skate movies.

But Cuba Skate doesn’t just bring hard goods into the country; its other major focus is working with both governments to build the new skate park.

But Cuba skaters still face a battle.

The country doesn’t consider skateboarding an official sport, so skate shops don’t exist, making supplies scarce at best. This has only brought the skate community together, creating a bond amongst them to the point where most consider each other family. [. . .]

For full article, see http://mashable.com/2015/03/12/skateboarding-cuba-us/?utm_cid=mash-com-Tw-main-link

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