New Book: La rebelión de las niñas: El Caribe y la “conciencia corporal”

nadia.521836Our congratulations to Nadia V. Celis Salgado, whose book La rebelión de las niñas: El Caribe y la “conciencia corporal” has just been published by Iberoamericana Vervuert Verlag (2015).

Description: The author has chosen a precise and forceful corpus of texts that presents very clearly the diverse patriarchal policies on sexuality and the bodies of young women and girls, demonstrating how they internalize and reproduce the logic of male desire on their bodies and gestures as well as the modes of subversion of these parameters.

Dr. Ángel G. Quintero Rivera (University of Puerto Rico) writes:  “Nadia Celis transcends a facile (though necessary) feminism of denunciation of the use of women’s bodies as objects, to [enter the realm of] a rich feminism, complex and passionately Caribbean, where the feminine is subject not only through personhood, but also through the communication and expressiveness of the body itself. The female body appears as the center of a subjectivity that makes no apologies for her bodily condition, creating the possibility of inter-subjective transformations in which feminist liberation may enhance its femininity. Original and deep, the book also provides friendly and beautiful reading. ”

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