One deep blue to another


From Bogotá’s The City Paper . . . 

The bays of South West and Manzanillo on the Island of Providencia are literally a world away when NASA captured this image of the space shuttle Discovery uncoupling itself from the International Space Station (ISS) in April, 2010. After 10 days at the ISS, Discovery, set off to earth after unloading a cargo for the 23 crew members of the station, and in a very different atmosphere than the men and women who inhabit this pristine Caribbean island, 200 kms from the coast of Nicaragua, and once, the preferred hideout for Captain Henry Morgan and his grog swigging crew of pirates. In this rare photograph of a windswept corner of Colombia, the astronauts could hardly have been aware that they were hovering in zero gravity over tourists drinking Coco Locos on a white beach or snorkeling the reefs of this earthly paradise, known affectionately as Old Providence.

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