March 26-28: “Race and Rurality in the Global Economy” Workshop

Race and Rurality poster 8

Duke’s Department of African and African American Studies
Race and Rurality in the Global Economy
March 2628, 2015
Duke University, West Duke Building, Room 101
Convened by
Michaeline A. Crichlow and Anne-Maria Makhulu, Duke University
Workshop Description

This day and a half workshop will examine the contemporary state of development, and the fluid zones of rurality in the world economy through the optic of raciality. It will cover notably Asia, Africa and the Americas including the U. S. and the Caribbean.  The arguments considered will pivot on heightened risks and multiple states of insecurity being faced given the forces of globalization and environmental change, and the steady decline in the livelihoods of people of color globally, their deepened vulnerabilities, and the complex reconstitution of systemic and lived racialization within this process.

Keynote Speaker
Professor Philip McMichael (Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Thursday, March 26
West Duke Building, Room 101
Title: Land grabbing in world-historical perspective: the agrarian question re-examined
Participants (in alphabetical order): 
Daniel B. Ahlquist
     Duke University
Michaeline A. Crichlow
     Duke University
Olivia Maria Gomes da Cunha
     Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Arturo Escobar
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amanda L. Flaim
     Duke University
Joost Fontein
     University of Edinburgh
James Giblin
     University of Iowa
Juan Giusti-Cordero
     University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Eduardo Gudynas
     Latin American Center for Social Ecology
Ray Kea
     University of California, Riverside
Anne-Maria Makhulu
     Duke University
Philip McMichael
     Cornell University
Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern
     Syracuse University
Wazir Mohamed
     Indiana University East
Beverley Mullings
     Queens University
Patricia Northover
     Duke University & University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Dana E. Powell
     Appalachian State University
Alvaro Reyes
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pandora Thomas
     EarthseedConsulting LLC
Gabriela Valdivia
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jeannie Whayne
     University of Arkansas
Co-Sponsored by: Africa Initiative, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Dean of the Humanities, Dean of the Social Sciences, Duke University Center for International Studies, Department of Sociology, Franklin Humanities Institute, Institute of African American Research (UNC Chapel Hill), International Comparative Studies, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Office of the Provost

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