Work Out Carnival-Style at Bed-Stuy’s Caribbean Fitness Class

largerBrooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood offers fitness through Caribbean-inspired moves at Wukkout! this March. Camille Bautista reports on the Carnival-style Wukkout! Classes taught by dancer/choreographer Krista Martins. The classes will be held every Tuesday in March at 7:00pm at Aspire 2 Dance, located at 1195 Bedford Avenie, Brooklyn, New York. Bautista writes:

Dancer and choreographer Krista Martins brings her Wukkout! class to Bedford Avenue, where students can learn to “wine,” “juk” and “wuk” to soca, calypso and chutney tunes. The 55-minute sessions are meant to invoke the feeling of a Caribbean carnival, where revelers dance freely in weeklong parades and festivities.

“I grew up loving carnival and going as a young child,” Martins said. “I always wanted to find a way to share the culture with the masses. It’s kind of euphoric, like an out of body experience when you’re not even thinking and it’s almost as if the spirit is moving me when I hear a particular song.”

The fitness class offers a full body workout with its mix of gyrating and thrusting dance moves. Students are also asked to bring a flag or towel to wave up and down to the music.

Martin caters to dancers and enthusiasts of all levels, but the high-intensity motions are not for the faint of heart. Soca inspires the urge to dance, sweat and jump, the instructor added, and participants have increased their cardio endurance with each class.

Students are encouraged to move and interact with classmates, “just like you would do at carnival,” Martin said. “It’s just this camaraderie, truly about the music and sharing the experience together.”

[. . .] Each session is $10. For more information on classes throughout the city, visit the Wukkout! website.

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