Caribbean Law Students Join the Fight against Human Trafficking


Jason Nathu (Global Voices Online) writes about students from the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago and their project to encourage the public to join the fight against human trafficking. The students—Anessa Anderson and Sharla Weir of Barbados, Stefan Knights from Guyana and Nadia Scott from Trinidad and Tobago—chose the project as part of their participation in the law school’s Human Rights Law Clinic; they were among 16 students who advocated for various human rights concerns. 

[. . .] The initiative, which was branded “Join The Fight”, consisted of a public service announcement, a short video on human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago, and volunteering their time at an event organised by the Trinidad and Tobago Rape Crisis Society, in which the group assisted in the distribution of learning materials and in role playing. They also advised victims of rape and domestic violence about the human trafficking laws in Trinidad and Tobago. The logo used in the campaign was designed by Dane Elliott-Hamilton, a fellow student at the Hugh Wooding Law School.

Trinidad and Tobago has been described as a destination, source, and transit country for human trafficking, specifically as it relates to forced prostitution, and children and men in conditions of forced labour. The students collaborated with their charity of choice, the Caribbean Umbrella Body for Restorative Behaviour (CURB), providing promotional materials to the organisation and eliciting CURB’s expertise as a support body for both criminal offenders and victims in their research for the project:

“We identified the CURB as the most prominent NGO which addresses human trafficking at the policy and ground level. […] we volunteered our time with the CURB […] This experience was definitely an amazing one as the members of the group were able to impart knowledge of a critical human rights area in the country and educate the vast number of persons who were in attendance on that day.”

The students also created a public service announcement, to be distributed digitally and broadcast on local television stations.

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