Bahamian distance runner writes book on social emotional empowerment


Dr. Marilyn Simmons Bowe, PhD. Educator, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Researcher, and Marathon Runner was born a child of poverty in Nassau, Bahamas, in an urban low socioeconomic area.  She was the sixth of eight children who were raised by a single divorcee. She and her siblings were raised in a shack, but were told that education would be their way out, The Bahamas Weekly reports.

Defying the odds, Dr. Marilyn graduated from R. M. Bailey High School at the age of 15.  She attended College of The Bahamas and earned an AS in biochemistry at the age of 17. After an initial career as an industrial lab chemist, she earned a B.Sci. in premedical biology with minors in chemistry and education, from Barry University in Miami, Florida and graduated Magna cum laude. Subsequently, she earned an M.Sci. in biomedical sciences with some course work in educational leadership, also at Barry University.

Additionally, she completed a self-designed, quantitative Ph.D. in Education at Walden University. Her writing interests’ center around educating children of poverty and her dissertation focused on the effects of emotions on all outcomes, in particular, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning outcomes.

Dr. Marilyn has 18 years of educational experience in the USA. She has helped to empower citizens in the inner cities of South Florida; Savannah, GA; suburban, Utah; and points in between. Some of her roles during this time include Science Teacher, College Instructor, Department Chair, Academic Coach, Instructional Coordinator, College Program Coordinator, and District Secondary Science Specialist.

Currently Dr. Marilyn combines all of her career and academic expertise as THE Achievement Specialist. As such, she is a “Who-How” Coach, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Consultant, Motivational Speaker and budding Author who prides herself in being a “Merchant of Hope” (to use a term penned by Dr. Crystal Kuykendall).

She uses her life’s experiences to champion the cause of marginalized persons everywhere. Her passion is creating hope through education but not in the conventional sense. Dr. Marilyn’s self designed quantitative Ph.D. came from a desire to empiricize the components of “achievement” and “emotions” in a way that supports the importance of educating the whole person. This education does not have to be in the conventional classroom and it does not have to be during the accepted “school ages”. Rather, this education comes from knowing WHO and HOW we are, as opposed to just knowing WHAT we are. This premise is outlined in Dr. Marilyn’s foundation book called “Achievement Emotions … MORE than Feelings”.

Dr. Marilyn has earmarked this book as the corner stone to launch several initiatives, the premiere of which is an “at risk program” for marginalized persons, males in particular, in major cities in the USA, starting with Atlanta; as well as in her native country, The Bahamas; in The US Virgin Islands; and the Caribbean at large.

When she is not in pursuit of social-emotional empowerment for all, Dr. Marilyn enjoys traveling and long distance running. As of January 2015, she has completed 142 marathons (each 26.2 miles) in 42 of the 50 United Stated of America, including five (5) in her native country, The Bahamas. She has also completed a 50 mile race in North Carolina and a 50 K in Idaho. Additionally, Dr. Marilyn is currently on a running streak. As of February 22th, 2015, she has run 1151 consecutive days. To put that into context, she has not missed a day of running since January 1st, 2012!

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