Haitian protesters decry Dominican treatment of countrymen


About 10,000 people have marched in Haiti’s capital in a protest over what they is mistreatment of their countrymen in the neighboring Dominican Republic, the Associated Press reports.

Wednesday’s demonstration was mostly peaceful, with young and old protesters waving Haitian flags in Port-au-Prince.

One man managed to climb up on the Dominican consulate’s roof. He ripped down a Dominican flag, which was later burned by the cheering crowd. Some protesters briefly chased a woman they believed to be Dominican.

There were no reports of arrests.

The march comes three weeks after a Haitian shoe shiner was found hanging from a tree in a square in the Dominican city of Santiago. Haitians believe Henry Claude Jean was the victim of racist violence, but Dominican investigators say it appears he was killed by other Haitians.

For the original report go to http://www.salon.com/2015/02/26/haitian_protesters_decry_dominican_treatment_of_countrymen/

2 thoughts on “Haitian protesters decry Dominican treatment of countrymen

  1. With all due respect the whole incident was a disgusting display of ignorance on the part of the organizers. While I am profoundly on favor of the Haitian point of view attacking Dominicans living in Haiti as a sign of protest due to maltreatment is not going to get us much sympathy nor support in the global sphere. Mob haranguing never leads to any good results for the oppressed side, especially when these individuals cannot defend themselves politically less of it physically.

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